Requirements for submission by video are as follows:

  1. Video must be submitted ONLY via video link, eg. Vimeo, Youtube. Separate submissions by email will not be opened.
  2. Video link to be listed on application form with photo and submitted no later than April 15.
  3. Video to be no less than 10 minutes, and no more than 20 minutes long. It must comprise the following:

Barre – filmed from a diagonal angle to dancer

  • Plies
  • Battement tendu/glissé
  • Adage
  • Grand battement


  • Adage
  • Pirouettes (intermediate and seniors to include en dehors and en dedans)
  • Petit allegro
  • Grand allegro

Intermediate and senior pointe in the centre only – must show a pose arabesque or attitude in at least one exercise

  • Echappé relevé and relevé
  • Transfer of weight
  • Pose pirouettes on the diagonal
  • Courrus on the diagonal

Highlight Submission by Video on audition application form and list video link/URL where requested. Photo is still required.

Closing date for audition application and video – Friday April 15.