Ballet Theatre Queensland (BTQ) is committed to providing children and young people (any single person under the age of 22 years), the opportunity to develop technical and performance skills through their involvement in the production of quality classical ballets.

Policy in all Australian jurisdictions identifies the paramount importance of the principle of the “best interests of the child”. Ballet Theatre Queensland staff has a legal obligation to protect the children in our care. This document summarises the key points of Child Protection at BTQ.

Our organisation is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children and young people and endeavours to provide a safe and supportive environment by committing to the following:

  • BTQ adheres to State based, Working with Children and Child Employment Acts. All artistic and administrative staff must have a Queensland Government issued Blue Card
  • A member of staff, who is qualified in First Aid, is in attendance at all rehearsals and performances. In addition BTQ holds a medical register of all attendees with emergency telephone numbers
  • Classes and rehearsals are always in an open environment
  • Every child is treated equally and with respect and dignity
  • Wherever possible, another adult will be present when working with children
  • Open communication is encouraged between all participating members (children and adults)
  • Appropriate language is always used when communicating with children
  • Children will always be supervised while waiting to be collected after rehearsals
  • A confident and professional image will always be presented to help parents feel their child is safe within our care
  • Concerns or allegations of child abuse will be immediately reported in accordance with appropriate procedures, or risk breaching our duty of care

Use of Images
Upon enrollment in Ballet Theatre of Queensland, parents sign a release form allowing the use of photographs, audio and video recordings of classes, rehearsals and performances in promotional material, including social media.

When selecting and using images BTQ:

  • Seeks the permission of the child’s parent/guardian, or individual in the case of adult participants
  • Only uses appropriate images of the child undertaking a relevant activity
  • Reduces the ability, where possible, for the direct copying of pictures from a website to another source (i.e. disable the ‘right mouse click’ function)

Please refer to BTQ’s Privacy Policy for full details.