past productions


Alice in Wonderland 2011 / 2001

Snow White 2010 / 1992

2018 The Little Mermaid 2017 80th Anniversary Gala
2017 Cinderella 2016 Aladdin
2015 Sleeping Beauty 2014 The Little Mermaid
2013 Peter Pan 2012 Cinderella
2011 Alice in Wonderland 2010 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
2009 Don Quixote 2008 The Sleeping Princess
2007 Coppelia 2006 Pinocchio
2005 Beauty and the Beast 2004 Aladdin
2003 Peter Pan 2002 Nutcracker
2001 Alice in Wonderland 2000 Pinocchio
1999 Cinderella 1998 The Wizard of Oz
1998 Cinderella 1997 Nutcracker
1996 Pinocchio 1994/95 Wizard of Oz
1993 Peter Pan 1992 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
1991 Babes in Toyland, Cinderella 1990 The Story of Elizabeth and Swan Lake
1987 The Nutcracker, The Ballet Gala (both productions for Jubilee) 1982 Paquita, The Legend of Rokstanda
1981 Nutcracker, Pas de S 1981 Graduation Ball, Symphony in C, Menelssohns Italian Symphony
1980 Cinderella 1980 Swan Lake Act II, Sylvia
1979 Les Sylphides, Copelia excerpts, Blue Bird Pas de Deux, Nutcracker excerpts 1978 The Tales of Hoffmann
1978 Peter and the Wolf, Aurora’s Wedding, Symphony in C 1977 Graduation Ball, Copelia
1976 Symphony in C, Nutcracker, Nightingale
and the Rose, Swan Lake Act II
1975 Giselle Act II, Symphonic Variations, Le Beau Danube, Silvia, Graduation Ball
1974 Peter and the Wolf, Les Sylphides, Nutcracker, Silvia, Paquita 1973 Les Sylphides, Coppelia, Peter and the Wolf, Nutcracker
1971 Stone Flower, Love 5 In-A-Gadda-Da-Villa, Graduation Ball, Nov 27M, Peter and the Wolf, Valse Eccentrique, Graduation Ball 1970 Les Sylphides, Divertissments from SP, Danse Jeune, Le Beau Danube, Cinderella, Les Patineurs, Divertissments - "Flower Festival at Genzano & Esmeralda", "Neapolitan Dance & Pas de Trois" from Swan Lake, "Dance of the Hours" from Coppelia
1969 Carnival, Pas de Six, Cinderella 1968 Kaleidoscope, Graduation Ball, Grande Pas de Six Classique, The Snow Maiden, Nutcracker, Coppelia Act II, Coppelia divertissments - "Les Sylphides", Les Patineurs divertissments
1967 Les Patineurs, Coppelia, Nutcracker, Graduation Ball 1966 Les Sylphides, Les Patineurs, Beauty and the Beast, Le Beau Danube, Nutcracker Act II, Symphonic Variations, Beauty and the Beast, Graduation Ball
1965 Nutcracker, Graduation Ball, Rigoletto, Variations 1964 Les Sylphides, Masquerade Suite, Nutcracker, Swan Lake II, The Wasps, Nutcracker divertissments, Pinocchio
1963 Swan Lake Act II, The Australian Girl, Pinocchio, Italienne Fantasis 1962 Les Sylphides, The Willow Patten, The Bunyip, Roxsande, Graduation Ball (excerpts), Nutcracker
1961 Giselle, Kaleidosscope, The Wind and the Sea, Giselle 1959 Les Sylphides, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Legend of Roxsande
1957 Les Sylphides, Variations Symphoniques, Midinettes, The Wasps, Grande Adage 1956 Les Sylphides, The Wasps, Valse de Fleures, Grande Adage from SP
1955 Swan Lake Act II, Coppelia Act II, Valse de Fleurs from SP, Pas de Troise from SL 1954 Swan Lake Act II
1953 Backstage with the Ballet, Swan Lake Act II